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Fountain Pack (10 fountains)

Only 1 RemainingRRP: £194.90 £119.99

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Firework Attributes:

63cm × 33cm × 20cm
Duration 600s
Weight 7.5kg
Explosive Weight 2.8g

Fountain Pack (10 fountains)

Here we have our fountain box box that simply contains 10 of the best fountains you can buy. Its not mega importnt in which order you set these off but see the next tab for my suggested firing order, what I would say is save the Krakatoa for the finale.

We have also popped in a pack of 4 portfires for easy lighting.

Alien Fountain
Funky Frog
Shivas Silver
Lunar Gold
Leaping Lizards
Shivas Gold
Krazy Klock
Lunar Silver
Vampire Fountain
Krakatoa Fountain