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Fireworks Display - Diamond Package

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Fireworks Display - Diamond Package

If you are holding an event where a full fireworks display is required, then we recommend a display should last between 15 and 20 minutes. Please trust us when we say 20 minutes is more than enough for any professional display with no breaks just action from start to end. I like to take the audience on roller coast ride and bring in a variety of effects not just bang bang bang from start to finish, yes, the finale needs to be crazy mad with lots of noise and I assure you it will be. We are proud to say we have never put on a display and got a negative comment (well apart from neighbours etc) we believe we put more pyro into our displays than anyone else out there meaning your display is as good as you will get for the money you are parting with. All displays are electronically fired with the professional Cobra firing system which means perfect timing, I am not a fan of having fireworks to music so at the moment its not something we offer.

The truth with any display is you get what you pay for, so if you spend £2,000 on a 15-minute display 20% of that budget (£400) instantly goes to the Finale (last 30 seconds) This leaves us with £1,600 to spread over 14m 30 secs, or £110 per minute, If you look on our web site you will see we sell fireworks like Hercules £89.99 for 1minute, Weapon G £69.99 for 40 seconds and so on. We will most likely use a few of this type of cake and we will multi fire these too. But we will also use bigger display cakes that are £150 and last 20 seconds as well as Shells that have to be loaded into mortar tubes giving massive effects in the sky. So I hope you can see you get what you pay for. We for instance use a 3 site firing set up on a £2k display whereas on a £5k display we use a 7 site set up.

All members of our display team are trained with many years’ experience. We also come complete with full £10-million-pound liability insurance. Having a professional display takes all the organising, setup and firing of your firework display out of your hands, allowing you relax and enjoy the show. Sadly, we have very limited availability to do a display around the 5th of Nov as our existing customers book us way in advance. But that said no harm in asking so give us a call and lets see what we can do.

Important -

In the Notes section at checkout please state both venue location along with time and date you require the display. One of our team will then be in touch to confirm the booking and run through the plan for the evening. Leave the rest to us, we know weddings and events can be stressful enough so let us deal with everything else, we will plan the display and arrive on the date ready to fire an amazing firework display for you and your guests making it truly a day to remember.

The price shown is for a display within 40-50 miles of our location at S25 3PF, So Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, Chesterfield, plus as far away as Leeds and Nottingham should be OK at this price but call and check if unsure. Any further distance is not a problem but a charge of £2 per mile will need to be added to the price. The price includes a site survey and risk assessment, if you are wanting a site survey and risk assessment prior to booking a display then we will require a £100 deposit which is deductible off the display but non-refundable