Fiery Eye Catherine Wheel

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22cm × 22cm × 4cm

Fiery Eye Catherine Wheel

The Fiery Eye Catherine wheel from Brothers Pyrotechnics is possibly the best firework of its kind that we’ve ever seen here at Galactic. Its resoundingly hypnotic blue centre is accompanied by fiery red outer rings, which mix with silver and gold sparks to great effect.

Manufactured to offer a running time of around a minute, this firework is sure to steal the show and leave audience members completely entranced. 

For us, this is easily the best Catherine wheel currently available in the UK. When you consider the price we offer it for, it’s little wonder that it’s become a staple of garden displays for many of our regular customers.

7 Reviews
86% of reviewers said YES
4 September 2016

The Big Daddy of Wheels

Everyone has to have a wheel and there are bonus points if it spins. You might as well get the best wheel available to improve your chances. I've always used an extra spacer with wheels and with these I seem to be lucky so I'd recommend them every time.
You can double your odds by buying a pair, but then you risk being hypnotized!

9 November 2015

Fantastic if you set up correctly

This is fantastic firework if you setup correctly ensure that when you out the nail in the wheel sits away from the wood behind with plenty of clearence (I made another spacer) and the effect was fantastic

14 September 2014

Great wheel

A really great wheel - when up to full speed it does look like a wheel

11 September 2014

Has to be the best wheel out there

I am not a big fan of wheels but this has to be the best wheel on the market. It is the only one I would choose. Lovely and bright with a lovely red and blue effect in the middle. Like I say - the only wheel I would choose.

11 September 2014

Brothers Fiery Eye Wheel

This is one of the best wheels you can buy;with it's showy spread of blue centre, gold sparks and pinkish red flames it's a beautiful effect and does look like an eye when you watch it too! Great all rounder.

11 September 2014

I can never get a wheel to spin

I have seen the video and seen a few of these eyes and they really are awesome, they are so hypnotising.

Personally I give up on wheels because I can never get them to spin :(.

10 September 2014

keep an eye out for this one

this is one of the best wheels around, with lovely blue and red colours, and when it gets up to speed it really looks like an eye