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The Executioner

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Firework Attributes:

84 Shots
44cm × 32cm × 23cm
Cat 3
Duration 58s
Weight 7.4kg
Explosive Weight 910g

The Executioner

The executioner from Galactic is here! 

Creating an absolute onslaught of the night sky, The Executioner produces ferocious gold and blue bursts that fire left right and centre, it then leads to an earpiercing scream before firing a finale or red crackle. Absolutely stunning firework that we are proud to call our own.

5 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
4 September 2016

Executes all other fireworks

This firework starts with blues and greens, lots of clarity and good noise. Keep watching and the effects fan out filling the sky with brocade of blue and silver, then red to gold willow. Whistles break up the rythym until it finishes in red and green, a beautiful firework from Galactic which I really enjoyed watching.

4 September 2016


Fabarooney!!! Huge effects lovely colours and deafening whistle just at the end. This massive firework has it all brocades, glitter, willow and whistles....

23 August 2016

What a firework

Wow a great and spectacular beast, it has all a big firework is needed, loved the3 time whistling just before the end! They go nice and high!!

23 August 2016

David can't beat this one

This is a massive firework with super effects. It has everything you could want and makes a super all round firework

23 August 2016


Massive bursts from this powerhouse from Galactics own range. Starting with straight fired big burst with beautiful blue stars amongst others followed by rapid firing v shape firing and w firing with brilliant red strobe effects and finally an awesome finale of screaming serpents with 3 stage whistling and a massive series of beautiful red starbursts. What more can I say a true masterpiece