Enemy Ambush Pack

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Firework Attributes:

57cm × 20cm × 20cm
Cat 2

Enemy Ambush Pack

A truly supreme collection of extremely loud, category two cakes, Enemy Ambush is sure to set the pulse racing.

Designed to pierce the silence of the night with deafening aplomb, each of these cakes has maximum capacity 30mm tubes packed to the brim with explosive content. Creating a mix of both fanned and straight bank effects, each one of these cakes from Jigsaw Fireworks combines wonderfully to create a cracking display:

Tank Attack – Culminating in strobes and explosions that seem to trail endlessly to the ground, each of the Tank Attack’s shots deliver supreme entertainment.

Copter Clash – Fizzling and crackling through its 20-second running time, this cake delivers white, glittering explosions in gorgeous abundance.

Ground Troops – Arguably the loudest of this trio of cakes, this firework mixes colour, noise and dazzling explosions to great effect.

This pack of three barrage fireworks has been carefully developed so that the customer can remove the lids easily. The barrages can also be left inside the holding tray, which combine together as a stabilising unit when Enemy Ambush is being fired. There is no chance at all of the product falling over.

3 Reviews
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5 September 2016

Excellent Addition

Great cake pack as an addition to a display. They have nice breaks to them and a selection of effects.

Copter Clash is my favourite, the crackling tips of the bursts is very effective!

4 September 2016

Great pack

It's very hard to believe these are Cat2, but that's what we have here. I'm a massive fan of the blink effect so it was easy to pick my favourite but all of these will fit into any loud display no problem.

24 October 2015

brilliant fillers

brilliant cakes to put in between larger fireworks when doing a display worked well in mine