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Dum Bum 25 shot

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Firework Attributes:

25 Shots
18cm × 18cm × 20cm
Cat 2
Duration 32s
Weight 3.5kg
Explosive Weight 393g

Dum Bum 25 shot

The Dum Bum 25 Shot is arguably one of the loudest fireworks available to buy in the UK. A category 2 firework packing 393g of explosive power, it’s always a popular firework cake for those looking to put on an impressive stay.

It comes from Klasek Fireworks - one of Europe’s largest pyrotechnic companies. Having cornered the market in the Czech Republic, their powerful fireworks come with great quality attached.

This seriously impressive firework cake strikes 25 intense salutes into the sky. These are accompanied by bangs which are the loudest, most earth-shattering generated by any of our stock at Galactic Fireworks.

With its booms lasting for over 30 seconds, this is a cake that can add depth and serious noise to your display. You honestly won’t believe how loud it is until you’ve lit the fuse and watched for yourself.

10 Reviews
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1 January 2017

Very loud

Loud loud loud very very loud thsts all I'm saying

3 November 2016



6 September 2016


this is best loudest cake I've ever heard, 25 shots of titanium salutes, small round gold flashes of loud power..... WELL RECOMMEND

5 September 2016

If You Want Something Loud...

This is the firework to go for if you like loud. You can forget everything else - this is in a different league! Granted, there's not much in the way of an effect, but if it's noise you're after don't hesitate and just add one!

4 September 2016

Pure Noise

I'm not normally a fan of pure noise for the sake of it but the idea of adding this behind your finale for some extra punch is worth considering.

4 September 2016

Must have!

I've never had cake with produces so much power and chest thumbing bangs it's unreal buy one and try in real skin you would not be disappointed this cake very very loud. I mean sets my neighbours house alarms off. Brilliant "not for someone who wants colour as this cake is pure noise!"

26 August 2016


This is insanely loud well worth the money a must have

23 August 2016

Loudest firework on the market.

If you want loud, you've got it with the dum bum. There's nothing fancy about it, it's just 25 thudding booming thuds that are ridiculous. Would work well underneath another barrage like big daddy for example, for an high impact effect.

18 August 2016

Dum Bum

Simply the loudest firework money can buy, and the best firework to catch people's attention.. I use these in every display. A firework for true noise lovers.. You'll struggle to find louder!!

1 January 2016

Dum bum

Wow wot a fantastic firework for new years eve woke up all the neighbours but just a bit expensive. ..