Drone Attack Roman Candles

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Firework Attributes:

8 Shots
30cm × 30cm × 3cm
Weight 1.8kg
Cat 3
Explosive Weight 0.24kg

Drone Attack Roman Candles

This pack of Drone Attack Roman Candles is one of the best collections of high-quality single-shot candles that you can buy. Delivering unbeatable value for money, it will provide you with eight individual candles per pack.

In conjunction with loud reports, each of the candles will produce explosive effects that include brocades, strobes, pistils, crackles and chrysanthemums.

It’s worth bearing in mind that these are NOT the typical small candles that you’ll usually see around. These are seriously high quality products. 

10 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
11 September 2016

Good burst loud shot tubes

These are one of TNT's better UK firework offerings in my view.
Galactic offer a deal that makes them well worth buying.
They are large bore and not flimsy. I found the bangs to be loud and with a nice mix of decent quality bursts you have a quality product. Quite impressed.

9 September 2016


Great for distributed or timed shots for a consumer display (e.g. volley/sequence in a line). This is a good value single shot shell effect, something rarely available to consumers.

Each 8 pack contains a pair of 4 different types (A,B,C,D). I 'think' the Galactic video shell burst order is:
C,B,B(to the left),D,C,A,D,A

Correct me if I am wrong, please!

6 September 2016


Thought wernt going to be that loud and wow got shock they were great , think 2 packs at once would be awesome

4 September 2016


These amazing candles are brilliant for any Display. I always buy these will be back for more!. The effects are out standing for single shot tube must have !

26 August 2016


Awesome little Roman candles
A good noise level
A must have for any display

10 June 2016


These really are great, added to the list every time!
Easy to use thanks to the spike
Great value and loads in a pack
Impressive performance
Safer than rockets(no sticks to fallout)

Perfect for adding to a selection box or including in a display

12 September 2014

Great value

One shotters that pack a punch

11 September 2014

I really like these

No colour does not mean no good, as these prove. The fact they all produce different effects is great. They are so easy to use with the spike to put in the ground. Considering the price as well, they are an all round super buy for those smaller-medium displays.

11 September 2014

drone attack

these are very nice single shot tubes that have a surprisingly good effect and for the the price you cant complain

10 September 2014

TNT Drone Attack

This pack of candles has a nice BIG bore size which means brilliant performance and nice sized bursts for the money! Each one produces a nice bang and a different effect all very very good indeed and none of them disappoint whatsoever.

The plastic spike is very useful as it saves having to stake them out;just push gently into soft ground, straighten the white fuse tip and light-simple as that!

These candles would beef up a merely average category 3 display firework selection pack and give it some oomph and substance, they can also be used in small to medium sized displays and if lit together look superb. Great value!