Django Box

3+ AvailableRRP: £139.99 £65.99
Add Monster Rocket Box 2019 for only £29.99 (Save £32.95 off RRP)
Add War Hawks x 4 Packs (20 rockets) for only £49.99 (Save £109.97 off RRP)

Available to purchase at:

Mail Order
Dinnington Store
Retford Store
South Elmsall Store
Ripley Store

Firework Attributes:

122 Shots
26cm × 14cm × 43cm
Cat 2
Duration 210s
Weight 7kg
Explosive Weight 980g

Django Box

Yes, there are only 8 cakes in this box but trust me when I tell you these 8 cakes will blow your mind. I've never seen such quality big effects from the 6 smaller 12 shot cakes. You also get 2 much larger high end 25 shot cakes as well-meaning 122 bursts of pure class.

I've put a video of the 6 smaller cakes that we filmed ourselves which is the MOB box.