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Display Accessory Pack

Out of StockRRP: £44.95 £29.50
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Firework Attributes:

72cm × 35cm × 6cm

Display Accessory Pack

Here we have put together the complete accessory pack if you are having a fireworks display. The total retail price for this lot would be £44.95 but we are selling you the 10 wooden stakes at £2.95 each and throwing the rest of the stuff in for FREE.

10 x 500mm Wooden Stakes  (10 x £2.95 =£29.50)
8 x Portfires (FREE)
1 x Long roll of gaffa tape (FREE)
2 x Pairs of safety goggles (FREE)

4 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
21 April 2017

Essential for a display

This kit has all you need for a small display with stakes safety eyewear portfires and gaffa tape, IT CANNOT BE EMPHASISED TOO IMPORTANTLY, you MUST secure anything that is taller (than is wide) on fields and spaces.

DO NOT make the mistake of placing multishot cakes and barrages on the ground without securing them properly with stakes and gaffa tape or other suitable means of support such as bricks around a firework, and this is for a very good reason too : some cakes and barrages (if placed on grass or uneven ground or slopes or dips) can have a habit of flipping back and forth while functioning unsecured and firing stars / effects etc at spectators causing serious burns and injuries to them, whereas if they are firmly secured to the ground with stakes and good strong tape, then this risk is totally eliminated.

Also while displaying it is a good idea to protect your eyes as a bare minimum (although full PPE is preferable when lighting a large number of fireworks set out) - all it takes is debris or sparks from a malfunctioning firework or a misfire to cause an avoidable eye injury to end your night in serious pain and with possible loss of sight to the firer.

14 September 2014

So pleased I remebered to order

I have to say I was so pleased I remebered to order this complete kit as the previous year I was looking for this that and the other to secure my fireworks. Makes life so much easier but I did need to add about 15 more stakes to do my whole display. I suppose this is really a starter kit.

11 September 2014

The perfect pack

So we all know that setting off pyro is great. Nothing compares to it. But it is a dangerous thing to do and things can and do go wrong.
This pack is great value and includes everything to keep you safe including gloves and eye protection.

The wooden stakes are useful for making sure your pyro is safe and secure in the ground and the portfires are great for lighting if you don't have other means like a flame torch.

All in all, a great value, essential pack.

11 September 2014

essential pack

this pack is essential, you would be sensible to leave out a cake and buy this instead to ensure 99.99% safety on your shoot sight what more do you need you have the stakes the tape the cutters to cut the pyromesh ect the list goes on snap it up to make your display run smoothly