Diamond Mine

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Firework Attributes:

7cm × 7cm × 23cm
Cat 3
Duration 16s
Weight 150g
Explosive Weight 150g

Diamond Mine

Diamond Mine is an extremely powerful mine from Brothers Pyrotechnics. You’ll want to stand well back from this one as it simply explodes into life as it nears its finale.

Things kick into life with a whining, deathly squeal that punctuates the night sky. As the relatively small flame looks like it’s dying away, that’s when this mine goes boom! All at once, a loud explosion sends an aerial cloud burst of stunning colour and noise erupting into the air.

Check out the video of the Diamond Mind in action to give yourself an idea of what you’re letting yourself in for!

7 Reviews
86% of reviewers said YES
8 November 2016

I Hope You Like Whistle!

If you don't like the whistling effect this firework is not for you. The screech at the start starts of the fantastic mine with large bursts and crackle to finish. Great mine!

8 September 2016

Display Starter

These are a great way to start your display, they have a fountain like start with a loud whistle to get everyone's attention then boom a massive mine effect high into the sky.

5 September 2016

Gets the Audience's Attention

Use this one at the start of a display to wake up the audience. It starts off with a very loud screech to get people looking, then surprises them with a big mine effect and aerial bursts.

20 September 2015

An absolute cracker of a mine!

This superb piece of pyrotechnic genius is one of the best that Brothers have ever made-it screams loudly with a silver fountain that fools the audience into a false sense of security then lets rip with the MOST brilliant burst of crackling white snow and four loud white aerial crackling bursts!!! It could easily make an excellent showstarter mixed with some fountains at the start of a display.

Certainly one to have. 5/5

4 November 2014

'Wow that was amaaazing!'

This was a favorite of many this year! When I fired it people expected a noisey fountain until it erupted and caught everybody off guard. Very loud with a big BOOM which has to be my favorite noise from the fireworks we had this year. Will be buying again!

12 September 2014

Great mine

I started my firework display with 2 of these last year to make sure people were paying attention - a great mine and should be in peoples displays

11 September 2014

An impressive mine

I really like the mine effect and the explosions. They are both very impressive however, I really don't like the squealing at the beginning. It spoils what could be a perfect mine.

It does make people notice that the mine is about to happen but for this reason, I would not put it in my display.