Cube Connection Pack

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Firework Attributes:

144 Shots
88cm × 88cm × 22cm
Cat 3
Duration 220s
Explosive Weight 2500g

Cube Connection Pack

Quite simply 4 of the very best fireworks you could ever wish to want or see. I am telling you the truth when I say never has the uk ever been able to buy all these four cakes from cube in one go for so little money. These fireworks are never normaly discounted so saving £80 in total or £20 per cake is simply unheard off. Grab a bargain while you can.

3 Reviews
67% of reviewers said YES
4 November 2016


I bought this pack and expected it to deliver some serious wow factor as the cube gear is so highly regarded and well thought of but for me it was good but not as good as I thought it was gonna be, it was by no means average but it didn't blow me away, not as exciting as I thought they would be but still not disappointed in them because they were good.

30 August 2016

Get these massive lumps whilst you can

These have some real weight to them and pack a massive punch.
They are in short supply and are a classic that people are starting to collect.
But I say fire them whilst you can!

31 July 2016

Great pack

Great pack this, Cube always seems to deliver.