Crimson Dynamite

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Firework Attributes:

54 Shots
32cm × 22cm × 23cm
Weight 7kg
Explosive Weight 0.8kg

Crimson Dynamite

Crimson Dynamite is one of our very own single-ignition cakes here at Galactic Fireworks. Named after the stunning red starbursts it creates, it fires 9 volleys of 6 rapid shots high into the sky to create a show-stopping piece.

Marvel as each of the 54 shots create amazing willows upon explosion. The green tips of these seem to stretch all the way to the ground as they drift back down from the sky. When you add the thundering noise and crackle effects that you’ll also experience, this really is a must-have firework for any pyromaniac.

Fully-packed in to deliver maximum performance, Crimson Dynamite is available via mail order and at our Dinnington store. View the video below to see the magic in action!

1 Review
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30 September 2014

Red and Crackles!

Perfect red bursts and crackles galore! Love the brightness provided by this firework and love how beautiful the Red bursts look in the sky.