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Crazy Whistling Comets 300 Shot

3+ AvailableRRP: £27.99 £19.99
(5 Reviews)
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Firework Attributes:

300 Shots
24cm × 19cm × 9cm
Cat 2
Duration 15s
Weight 3.8kg
Explosive Weight 330g

Crazy Whistling Comets 300 Shot

Coming from the minds of Jorge Fireworks, 300 Crazy Whistling Comets is a stunning missile cake that defies its remarkably low price. Short, sweet and packed with quality, it’s works equally well as a firework to take your display up a notch or a finale that will stick in the minds’ of your audience.

Don’t let the short running time of this cake put you off. Historically, traditional missile cakes have been known to last far too long and 300 Crazy Whistling Comets is far better suited to its purpose. With 300g of explosive power, it hides plenty and delivers plenty. As it fires it’s screaming, whining shots rapidly into the sky, this cake creates a wonderful marriage of noise and colour. Perfect for any garden display.

It is the latest example of Jorge Fireworks impressing with their products. A Polish outfit that is relatively new to the UK market, they are famed for the awesome range of sounds across their firework ranges.

5 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
20 August 2018

No words to describe

This is one of best whistling cakes I’ve bought, it’s not your everyday cheap tnt whistling cake, came from good brand always recommend fireworks from Jorge..... best part is where it starts of slow and then near to end it just sets of 100 at once.... well recommend for cheap but good quality

5 September 2016

Loud loud

My favourite missile cake going, starts of slow then at end shoots out loads, would recommend 2 that will wake lot of neighbours

26 August 2016

Buy 2 and fan them

We bought 2 and decided to fan them recommended 2 or more you will love them

25 August 2015

love it!

This will make you smile!

8 July 2015

Crazy Whistling Comets

I would like to congratulate Jorge fireworks on manufacturing a superb short whistling missile cake.

I was fortunate enough to see this cake being fired in the actual video on this website down in Suffolk, and i was really pleased with the quick short performance of this cake. Very similar style to the good old Crazy Horses from Fireworks International and now the new Screaming serpents from Galactic fireworks, but much quicker firing.

I was so impressed with this little cake for under £20.00 that i have bought one myself to use later in the season. It's a super little starter firework to any small family display.