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Cobra Firing System (3 piece)

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Firework Attributes:

Weight 7kg

Cobra Firing System (3 piece)

1 x 18r2 Pro remote in carrying case (£340 + £90) £430

2 x 18m modules in seashell cases (£285 + £90) £375 each

30 x 5m e-match £FREE

30 x 1m e-match £FREE

This is a brand spanking new set from Cobra, We dont really sell these things but we do use Cobra for our own shows so I thought why not as I myself have been completely transformed from loving and supporting hand firing to being a full convert into electric firing with the Cobra system. Yes its not a cheap firing kit but I can say its truly a fabulous firing kit. If money is no object then buy yourself a Cobra firing system. As I say we dont really sell these things so I have no objections for anyone to go direct to Cobra in the USA or even buy from a company like easy pyro in the uk who are sellers of these systems.

I am selling them at the same price as other sellers but I can do a 10% discount if you are spending over £1k on fireworks with us or 20% if over £2k