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Cloud Splitter

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Firework Attributes:

36 Shots
20cm × 20cm × 12cm
Cat 2
Duration 30s
Weight 2kg
Explosive Weight 420g

Cloud Splitter

Split the night sky with this 36 shot cake that is sure to deliver a sky full of both noise and colour. Multicoloured peonies, silver titanium chrysanthemums, multicolour mines and long tails.

You can see our big VW Crafter van at the bottom of the video to give you a perspective of the sheer size and scale of the Cloud Splitter.

2 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
14 May 2020

Sky filling chaos

I love the mix of effects in this.
It's got the same effects a a giant Fountain in the sky, all sky filling crackle and noise, with bits of colour shooting out everywhere, I love it

13 May 2020

Serious Firepower

I wanted a single cake for the NHS clap. Harry recommended the Cloud Splitter which was probably the best recommendation ever! Thanks Harry x x x