Threes Up

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Firework Attributes:

30 Shots
20cm × 37cm × 23cm
Cat 3
Duration 27s
Weight 5.1kg
Explosive Weight 680g

Threes Up

This particular large 30mm calibre fanned cake is up there with the best, firing 10 rows of 3 shots with mixed rows of green glitter bouquet, green tail, silver coco and green strobe and red glitter bouquet, red tail, silver coco and red strobe. The last 2 rows both fire together with white glitter bouquet to white peony.

Celtic fireworks are better known in the uk for there professional catergory 4 fireworks, these are ones only available to specialist trained pyrotechnicians but there owner wanted to bring the same quality and effects to you the consumer so here we have one of Celtics amazing range of semi pro fireworks.