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Candy Flies

3+ AvailableRRP: £54.99 £39.99
(10 Reviews)
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Firework Attributes:

25 Shots
33cm × 20cm × 23cm
Cat 3
Duration 30s
Weight 3.8kg
Explosive Weight 500g

Candy Flies

That’s right; Candy Flies is a 30mm, 25-shot fan cake suitable for your back garden. Manufactured by Absolute Fireworks, this firework provides you with some excellent value for money.  

Firing rapidly through its running time, Candy Flies is absolutely relentless. A great way to step up the tone of any display, it starts with dazzling silver glitter that fill the sky. Things then transition into an explosive finale courtesy of a combination of silver-flitter lift mines.

10 Reviews
80% of reviewers said YES
6 September 2016

Good fanned cake

Never had room for a fan cake and last year was my first try and wow this pleased me, Downside doesn't last long but apart from that well recommend buying it

5 September 2016

Slightly on the Short Side...

So, this cake is awesome in a word. The downside to it is it's very short duration, however, this just adds to the impact. The break size is enormous, and it is unreal that this thing is classed as CAT2, as it is much, much larger than fireworks costing twice the price.

4 September 2016

Fast and Furious

Well what can you say about this ? huge fanned bursts of 5 in quick succession, only lasts 10 seconds but what a 10 seconds it is.

4 September 2016


This stunning cake is must have in any display I really can't wait to own one for 5th. Really pyro excited! Brilliant prize to!

25 August 2015


Really cant wait to set this off bonfire night.
Brilliant for the money

5 January 2015


This was chosen by my daughter for our bye display.
I am pleased to say it was fantastic, I just wish I had bought more than one,
A real wow factor ... I can't think of another firework like it.

9 October 2014


Having seen this used at the Galactic Competition, my opinion was that it was the largest bursting firework of the night! Which is interesting, to say the least, given its new CE cat2 8m designation. I've added one to my Nov5th display as a false finale. I just hope it doesn't outclass the real one!

8 October 2014

Wow Wee

I had the Candy Flies even though I noticed it didnt have the best review as I love those flikkering silver blinkers. I just couldnt believe how fast and spectacular this firework waw. I would say a perfect finale for a £200 display.

30 September 2014

I blinked! What happened?

A little bit too fast for my taste, I think other fireworks like Collateral damage are pushing it with how short they last but Candy Flies just pushes it to that next level.

That being said, it does look fantastic, just not long enough to justify it being part of my display.

21 September 2014

Not what I was expecting

I had seen a stock video of the Candy Flies before I actualy got to see one in the flesh. I was excited to see this firework as I really fancied one for BFN. The Absolute Fireworks video I saw showed this firewok lasting 30 secs+ but the Galactic one shows it lasting only 15 secs. Why do Absolute so often get there videos wrong ?