Candle Rocket Mix Pack

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Firework Attributes:

78cm × 48cm × 23cm
Weight 20kg
Explosive Weight 2500g

Candle Rocket Mix Pack

Brand new for 2017 is that enormous crate of fireworks, I have seen similar but not as good crates as this one being sold with a retail price of £500 and people asking £200-£250 for them. Do not be fooled! In fact don’t worry as we here at Galactic have this pack on for only £159.99 that is cheaper and better anyway.


So what does this big box contain? A variety of Cakes Candles and rockets that is hard to beat if your budget is £160. Overall there are 24 fireworks and 21 rockets, which is almost a perfect combination. I recommend you save the Nebula Storm, Radiant Spirals and Lavish to the end, as these cakes are premium quality and are a perfect introduction into larger more powerful cakes.

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