Buried Treasure Display Crate

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Firework Attributes:

Weight 119.3kg
Explosive Weight 14.78kg

Buried Treasure Display Crate

Featuring 30 hand-picked, high-performance category 3 fireworks, the Buried Treasure Display Create is guaranteed to provide outstanding entertainment to your audience.

With a rough firing time of around 20 minutes, this display features the very finest quality pyro from established brands including Magnum Series Fireworks, Cube Fireworks, Royal Party Fireworks and Cosmic Fireworks.

To ensure that you only get the best fireworks when buying this pack, we’ve chosen each firework individually and proposed a running order that we feel works extremely well in sequence. You can view this in the next tab along in the menu above.

Starting with the 25-shot Thunderbolt, the Buried Treasure Display Crate features gems such as Cosmic NG’s next-gen Space Barrage firework, Celtic and Thrust from Cube and Treasure Chest from the ever-reliable Magnum Series Fireworks.

Other highlights include powerful cakes such as Astro Blitz and Zero to 60, the latter of which remains one of our very own Nigel’s favourite fireworks ever.

In terms of the finale, each of the final fireworks in our running order are capable of closing a display by themselves. If you really want to go the extra mile though, consider purchasing a second of any of the final products in the running order to fire in tandem at the climax of your display.

When preparing the display, it’s worth factoring in time to attach each of the fireworks to stakes with gaffa tape. Many of the products within this pack also come in metal cages, so you’ll need to have some snippers to hand. 

  1. Thunderbolt
  2. cake 4-2-1
  3. Red Mongoose
  4. cake 4-2-2
  5. Global Party
  6. cake 4-2-3
  7. Krypton
  8. Stromboli
  9. cake 4-2-4
  10. Zennon
  11. cake 4-2-5
  12. 1001 Nights
  13. cake 4-2-6
  14. Colossus
  15. cake 4-2-7
  16. Celtic
  17. Thrust
  18. Star Blazer
  19. Sapphire Crown
  20. cake 4-2-8
  21. Grand Finale
  22. Titan 
  23. Treasure Chest
  24. Astro Blitz
  25. Daytonna
  26. Diamonds - 70 shot
  27. Explosive Box 2
  28. Sapphires - 70 shot
  29. Zero 2 Sixty
  30. Mayhem