Bronze Selection

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Firework Attributes:

Cat 3
Weight 10kg
Explosive Weight 100g

Bronze Selection

Here we have a new pack for 2018 containing 28 various fireworks that is ideal for the medium sized garden (15m viewing distance required) In this pack you will get some smaller items like a couple of ground effect fountains a crackling snake and even 4 x single shot shockwave candles that I have to admit are not that great so I have put these down as firing position 1 lighting all 4 at once. But that said everything else in here is perfect for a garden display with a budget of £220 to spend.

Please see the next tab for my suggested firing order.

1 4 x Shockwave (not great)
2 Spring Blossom (fountain)
3 Spooky Snakes
4 Fire Ball Cake
5 Crackling Kaleidescope (fountain)
6 Crackling Snake (ground effects)
7 Pearls
8 Tarantula
9 Topaz
10 Fire Ball Cake
11 Quartz
12 Spooky Spiders
13 Sapphire
14 Matador
15 Missile Attack
16 Jade
17 Asteroid
18 Emerald
19 Atomic Bursts
20 Amethys
21 Toro The Bull
22 Mercury
23 Peridot
24 Ruby
25 56 Shot Thunder Barrage
26 Moonstone
27 Turquoise
28 Opal