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Brocade War

3+ AvailableRRP: £94.99 £69.99
(9 Reviews)

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Firework Attributes:

88 Shots
34cm × 24cm × 15cm
Cat 3
Duration 55s
Weight 6.8kg
Explosive Weight 998g

Brocade War

The famous Brocade War from Klasek Fireworks is a cake of outstanding quality, packing a real punch worthy of any firework display. The sort of firework cake capable of elevating any running order to the next level, it continues to remain a sought-after product from the brand’s repertoire.

Brocade War mixes a wonderful array of effect with some seriously loud report and has always remained a popular firework with Galactic customers. Described by one of our customers as ‘the best and most talked about firework of our event’, it regularly generates 5-star reviews thanks to its quality.

An absolute monster of a firework, it has a running time close to a minute and possesses 998g of explosive weight - not bad when you consider the price. If you’re after a firework capable of creating a display in its own right, then this is the one for you. Please note that if you like loud cakes such as Brocade War, you’ll love Redemption and Hercules Limited Edition too.

Please note that as we have now invested in specialist storage cases within all of our retail stores, our 1.3g fireworks are now available for pick up, as well as mail order. Check out the video below and buy yours today!

9 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
15 January 2019


I bought this in the Galactic Sale Day because it was a great price! I was very impressed with the brocades to start with and then the volley of reports blew me away. Fantastic pace and colour with perfect brocades!

3 September 2018

New longer lasting Brocade Wars

I love this firework. It has changed slightly this year. The brocade bursts are still huge and the salutes are still ear splittingly loud. The pace is more measured lasting around 1 minute 20 seconds which, IMHO, improves things. The brocades are better separated and the salutes are now the bass drum from hell. Love it.

20 August 2018


now this firework is one heck of a fireworks... there’s just no words to describe it, breaks are big and then the volly of salutes just tops it off, think 2 of theses and dum bum for finally will be very crowd pleasing

15 November 2016

Holy Moly!

Fired this heavy little beasty to celebrate a birthday half an hour ago and had to come in to review it. It's that good. Louder than a loud thing in Loudsville. Beautiful, huge brocade bursts. I have done a lot of pyro in my time and this is an exceptional piece. Don't be fooled by the size of the box as there is no padding at all.

11 November 2016

Amazingly loud

I brought this for a finally for my nephews 18th I wasn't expecting it to be so loud had it in my garden which is in s built up area thought it was gonna blow the windows outs lol I give the brocade war a 1 million out of 10 gonna be getting 2 for New Years

7 November 2016

A monster of a firework

Probably the best and most talked about firework of our event. Stirs the soul with pure awesome noise and visuals. Once done it leaves those close enough to feel its pure power gobsmacked.

An awesome monster of a firework. I will not hesitate to purchase it again. A great service from Galactic fireworks too.

5 November 2016


Hard to get across just how awe-striking this piece is! I wish I'd bought at least one more

30 October 2016

Brocade war

Absolutely brilliant and stunning. Trust me this is really really loud exactly what I was looking for. A must have firework - give it 5/5. Worth the price and it's cheaper than the diamonds crown 70.

17 October 2016

Cover your ears

Wow what an amazing firework there were windows being rattled car alarms going off and my grandma was wondering round the garden looking for the Anderson shelter

If you want loud and I mean really loud with stunning affects this is the firework for you !!!