Bring It On

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Firework Attributes:

31cm × 31cm × 23cm
Cat 3
Duration 48s
Weight 8kg
Explosive Weight 996g

Bring It On

Now this firework really does bring it on, this is pure quality showing off stunning visual effects normally only seen in professional display fireworks. This firework has maximum powder weight and you really can tell, amazing firework that you just have to buy!

Celtic fireworks are better known in the uk for there professional catergory 4 fireworks, these are ones only available to specialist trained pyrotechnicians but there owner wanted to bring the same quality and effects to you the consumer so here we have one of Celtics amazing range of semi pro fireworks.

1 Review
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5 January 2017

Massive cake producing massive effects

I had around a dozen fireworks from Galactic Fireworks for bonfire night, If I'm being honest I had in total about 30 fireworks as I bought some from elsewhere. I am being so honest when I say the ones from Galactic where by far the best of the night.

I'm doing a few reviews on the fireworks I got from Galactic and I realise I'm giving everyone 5 stars but the truth is they all deserve 5 stars. This particular one had me in pyro ecstasy as it was better than sex, yes it was I'm not sure how I can say anything better about it ?