Big Silver Chrysanthemum With Blue Mine

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Firework Attributes:

49 Shots
25cm × 25cm × 22cm
Cat 3
Duration 40s
Weight 7.1kg
Explosive Weight 979g

Big Silver Chrysanthemum With Blue Mine

Super powerful 49 shot Silver Chrysanthemum cake from Jorge that fills the night sky with a stunning silver crackle that is second none. Also creating a blue mine effect from the ground to around 15ft adds an extra depth of beauty to this superb cake.

3 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
4 September 2016

Big silver chrysanthemum

I bought this purely after seeing the video on Galactics website, after seeing this fired in real life any video couldn't do it justice as although the effects are the same throughout it is stunning and you can't comprehend how the finale fills the entire sky.....

23 August 2016

Big silver chrysanthemum bigger crackles

This firework has a seriously big burst of crackles, if you want crackles this is it!!

31 July 2016

Great mine cake

Nice mine effect cake to add a bit of crackle to a display.