Battle Engine

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Firework Attributes:

127 Shots
44cm × 36cm × 18cm
Cat 3
Duration 44s
Weight 10kg
Explosive Weight 1400g

Battle Engine

127 Shot, white glitter with red pearls, gold glitter with green pearls, green glitter with purple pearls, time rain, white glitter, brocade crown with blue pearls, green glitter, gold glitter, red falling leaves with white glitter, green falling leaves with red glitter, yellow falling leaves with green glitter, silver coconut comet shot fast, time rain shot fast, colourful dahlia shot fast, bouquet and crackling, dragon chrysanthemum.

5 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
4 September 2016


This to my eyes is the best fierwork bright star made. So heavy and massive! Wasn't expecting the massive bursts of colour makes eny display big with battle engain it's a MUST to end perfect display.

4 September 2016

Battle engine

Vibrant colours and varied effects what more could you want - it certainly packs a punch. Saw this fired at the sale day and have ordered 2 as a result - fab!!!

4 September 2016

Love fireworks? You'll love this!

This is a firework that has something for everyone. It switches from sky filling colour to subtle effects seamlessly. It holds your attention from the first whoosh.... 5 stars from me!

29 August 2016

Best bright star

Its hard to pick between Bright Stars Elite range of cakes but this has to be my favourite. A relentless barrage of excellent effects, firing patterns and vibrant colours. Awesome value at this great price from Galactic!

17 August 2016

Epic Firework

This is my favorite of the new bright Star elite range every different effect imaginable resides within the huge carcass with ridiculous amount of gunpowder an absolute must have