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Bargain Sparkler Pack

3+ AvailableRRP: £9.32 £5.00
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Firework Attributes:

Weight 0.5kg
Explosive Weight 130g

Bargain Sparkler Pack

This is the best and cheapest way to buy a nice selection of 40 individual various sparklers for your event.

The retail price for these 8 packs is £9.32 but Galactic sells them for just £6.52. What a bargain at only £5 when buying together.

  • 3 x Packs of 5 = 15 10" Golden Sparklers
  • 3 x Packs of 5 = 15 10" Coloured Sparklers
  • 2 x Packs of 5 = 10 18" Mammoth Sparklers

Hand-held sparklers should be handled with the greatest of care! Dare I even say more care is needed with sparklers than fireworks themselves. Sparklers should not be given to anyone under the age of 5 years of age or anyone who will be foolish with them. Only light over a non-flammable surface and once lit hold at arm's length, I'd even suggest wearing a glove. Once the sparklers have gone out it will still be ridiculously hot so put any spent sparklers into a bucket of water or even run under a tap.

1 Review
100% of reviewers said YES
30 May 2020

Better Way To Buy Them

I've used all these sparklers and they're great, unfortunately I didn't see that you could buy them as a pack!
Much better value and definitely reccomended.