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Firework Attributes:

134 Shots
38cm × 32cm × 20cm
Cat 3
Duration 60s
Weight 9kg
Explosive Weight 894g


Arguably the greatest firework we produce, Barbarian from Galactic Fireworks has been modelled on one of our all-time favourites – The Hercules.

Firing both vertical and fan effects across the sky, it provides nearly a minute of entertainment; as well as delivering a total of 143 shots via 894g of combined explosive weight. Its effects include beautiful blue and red bursts in conjunction with a hanging, golden willow transition.

You can only fully appreciate the power of Barbarian when you see it in action, but the simultaneous fanned explosions – which are directed relentlessly across the sky – are a true joy to behold. The wonder is only further reinforced as the firework culminates in a magical, sky-filling finale.

This powerful cake is ideal for matching to all manner of displays. Equally, it more than holds its own as a short but spectacular single ignition firework for a birthday party, wedding or New Year’s Event. 

9 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
18 August 2017


Got a couple of cakes from Galactic to finish a 999 fundraising event, amazing service from these guys and the Fireworks were Jaw dropping, cant fault them in any way at all. will definitely be getting more. Highly recommend the whole experience .

26 August 2015


Fired this 134 shot Barbarian 3 times now & I think it gets better every time.
Starts with firing straight shots before firing into a fan with beautiful burst, it really does fill the sky.

25 August 2015


Seen this at the display Galatic kindly did and it was brilliant even thought they set 10 off at once.

13 October 2014

Standout piece

After seeing this Firework fired at a local display I had to find out what it was! An absolute showstopper and all round fantastic piece that'll finish my display off nicely.

Big thankyou to Mandy at the dinnington store for her help and advice.


21 September 2014


I saw this firework finish a display on Saturday 21st Sept 2014 and I have to say it was stunning. It had wonderful effects that filled every inch of the night sky. Wow Wee what a finale piece.

19 September 2014

More for Less

I usually pick up a Hercules every year to finish off my display or for an event of some sort. It is the perfect firework for such events, or should i say WAS the perfect firework. I think Barbarian has come along and blown Hercules out of the water, not just for the effects but also for the price!

As the title suggests, More for Less!

13 September 2014

The Hercules Destroyer

Well I hope you don't mind but I decided to review a couple of fireworks myself (yes I own Galactic Fireworks) but I think anyone who knows me will tell you I love fireworks and I mean I love them! So I feel I should be able to review a few. My few reviews are my honest and truthful opinions but if you don't trust me just ignore this review.

There was one reason and one reason only for the Barbarian and that was how do we better or even match the mighty Hercules as its simply getting too expensive. Well we have done exactly what we set out to do here with the Barbarian. We are able to sell this for less money plus avoid having to mess about with pyro-meshing.

Because Barbarian is basically the ultimate finale cake we do sell it as a suggested finale if you're having a £300-£600 display. We also sell it as a pack of 3 for £180 making it an ideal finale for displays of £800 plus. I should also say if you wanted just one firework that really did have maximum impact then once again I recommend the Barbarian once again. Watch the video and make your own mind up. I for one love this firework. I am very pleased and excited to be able to offer it to all our customers as I know they will love it too.

11 September 2014

Best Finale Cake Bar None

After seeing 3 of these being fired off at the end of a display recently I said thats exactly how I want to end my 2014 display and thats exactly what I will be doing. This is a direct replacement for Hercules which was one of my old favourites so its nice to have something similar but different.

10 September 2014

I will be buying one of these

I was lucky enough to see the Barbarian at a testing night held by Galactic Fireworks and the Barbarian was without a doubt one of the stand out pieces. I will be having 1 or 2 of these this year without a doubt