Armageddon 500 shot cake

3+ AvailableRRP: £84.99 £44.99
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Dinnington Store
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Firework Attributes:

500 Shots
40cm × 40cm × 10cm
Cat 3
Duration 120s
Weight 7kg
Explosive Weight 950g

Armageddon 500 shot cake

The Armageddon is a 500 shot firework barrage with a whopping £50 off the retail price. A real bargain at £39.99 as our other 500 shot cake Doomsday sells for £59.99.

The effects consist of rapid firing, 60 red, 60 blue, 60 yellow, 60 silver and 60 green peals, 60 crackling and 79 whistling effects with a grand finale of 20 red star bursts, 21 silver palm bursts and crackling star bursts. If you want lots of shots that last a full 2 minutes in a firework costing under £40 then there is nothing cheaper or better than the Armageddon.