Armageddon 500 shot cake

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Firework Attributes:

500 Shots
40cm × 40cm × 10cm
Cat 3
Duration 120s
Weight 7kg
Explosive Weight 950g

Armageddon 500 shot cake

The Armageddon 500 shot cake is one of Bright Star’s top fireworks - it’s certainly not one for the faint-hearted.

The effect is vivid, bright and beautiful, with an incredible 500 rapid shots. You can look forward to a mesmerising display including:

  • 60 pearls for each colour including vivid reds, blues, yellows, silvers, and greens
  • 60 delightful crackling shots
  • 79 whistling effects
  • A stunning, spectacular grand finale of 20 red star bursts, 21 silver palm bursts and crackling star bursts.

The Armageddon 500 Shot Cake is absolutely fantastic value for money - you’ll get over two minutes of bedazzling sky-filled fun for less than £45.

We have invested in specialist storage cases at our retail shops so you can now pick these up in store, as well as by mail order.