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Air Force Rocket Box (15 Rockets)

3+ AvailableRRP: £99.99 £49.99
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Firework Attributes:

100cm × 24cm × 10cm
Weight 2.8kg
Explosive Weight 585g

Air Force Rocket Box (15 Rockets)

This Air Force Rocket Box from Jigsaw includes 15 high-performance rockets. Each of these contains an excellent payload for its size.

Working out at only £3.99 a rocket, this bundle provides fantastic value for money. Each rocket will soar high and explode with dynamic impact to give you and your audience a great display.

Your Air Force Rocket Box will arrive in a metal pyro-meshed cage. This packaging is necessary for the rockets to be sent out via mail order.

Unlike pyro-mesh that we’ve seen in the past, the cage used for these rockets does not require tin snips. All you need to do is un-clip the little latch on top to remove your box of rockets.

Thanks to the packaging, we’re able to send these out to you via a specialist courier without needing to charge a huge price. 1.3g rockets with 1.4g storage!

3 Reviews
67% of reviewers said YES
25 August 2018

Nice box

Great rocket box this with a few different sizes in, also comes caged so can be delivered.

4 November 2016

Air Force rockets

Not the biggest fan of rockets but bought these for something to let off at midnight on New Years Eve but ended up using them the day before bommy night. They are not bad with a decent punch and nice colours but rockets for me are a bit of a waste of time and I would sooner have a quality barrage for the same money, £50 can get you a barrage that seriously delivers.

14 September 2014

High Performance Rockets

As you will see this rocket box comes in a pyro mesh cage, this is because these rockets are high performance ones, you wont be able to buy rockets like this from you local supermarket etc. 15 high performing rockets.