Air Force Rocket Box (15 Rockets)

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Firework Attributes:

100cm × 24cm × 10cm
Weight 2.5kg
Explosive Weight 0.58kg

Air Force Rocket Box (15 Rockets)

This Air Force Rocket Box from Jigsaw includes 15 high-performance rockets. Each of these contains an excellent payload for its size.

Working out at only £3.34 a rocket, this bundle provides fantastic value for money. Each rocket will soar high and explode with dynamic impact to give you and your audience a great display.

Your Air Force Rocket Box will arrive in a metal pyro-meshed cage. This packaging is necessary for the rockets to be sent out via mail order.

Unlike pyro-mesh that we’ve seen in the past, the cage used for these rockets does not require tin snips. All you need to do is un-clip the little latch on top to remove your box of rockets.

Thanks to the packaging, we’re able to send these out to you via a specialist courier without needing to charge a huge price. 1.3g rockets with 1.4g storage!

1 Review
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14 September 2014

High Performance Rockets

As you will see this rocket box comes in a pyro mesh cage, this is because these rockets are high performance ones, you wont be able to buy rockets like this from you local supermarket etc. 15 high performing rockets.