Assorted Mines x 5

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Firework Attributes:

Weight 3kg
Explosive Weight 0.45kg

Assorted Mines x 5

Here we have a set of stunning mines, 4 from Cube Fireworks and the Diamond Mine from Brothers Pyrotechnics.

Pound for pound this is the best way to buy your mines as you get a great variety, plus at only £39.95 for all five it means that they will only be costing you £7.99 each.

10 Reviews
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6 September 2016

One good mine

Seen video on these thought they were alright, set one of thinking weren't going to be that loud and my god I was impressed, I went back and bought another pack and set them all of at once they pleased me that much

5 September 2016


These mines are outstanding. What is not expected from such small fierworks. The thud from this thing is out of the world so much power! Sound colour sparks huge burst great starter!

4 September 2016

Mines, all mines!

Mines are THE firework for WOW!!!
The noise, the intensity - it can't be beaten.
These amazing mines are even better if you can keep them a secret but you may want to warn your audience!

4 September 2016

Cube mines

On watching the video I almost turned off as I thought they were just screamers, what a surprise when they suddenly leapt in to life. They all have different effects and are just brilliant don't be fooled by their small size - now I understand why the car alarm went off wow!!!

31 August 2016

Attention Seekers

These really are loud.
The scream prompted the audience to yell "INCOMING".
Big thump.
Huge lift.
large two effect air bursts.
What's not to like?

29 August 2016

Superb collection of mines

This behemoth of top Brothers mines is a great addition to ANY display - each starts off with a ear-piercing whistle then a heartstopper of an explosion leads to mega-loud aerial effects and brilliance that will set off car-alarms and excite your audience. SUPERB!!! Better than many crap 1.4g mines that go up with a whimper and crap effect. Please note; DO only use these at 25 metres from your audience and it's a very good idea to pop on some ear-defenders because these are INSANELY LOUD.

26 August 2016

Wolf in sheeps cloathing

To the eye these look like any other little mines.
These start with a ear piercing screech then a huge thud and plenty of colour and bangs

30 November 2014

Get Your Ear Defenders Out !!!!!

These mines took me by suprise ! I was seriously shocked at just how loud they are. If you dont like silly loud bangs then I would avoid these but if you do then get a full set and get ready for some serious noise.

11 September 2014

assortment of mines

these really are amazing quality powerful mines that are sure to set the heart pumping when the erupt with a huge cannon like bang be sure to keep your car keys handy as these enjoy setting the alarms of as the noise is incredible

11 September 2014

All 5 flavours in one bundle

All of these mines are mind blowing , they all have super bursts and you get them all in a bundle to save you having to choose between them.