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4-Dimension Rocket Box (box of 4)

3+ AvailableRRP: £119.99 £89.99
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Firework Attributes:

155cm × 19cm × 10cm
Cat 3
Weight 2.8kg
Explosive Weight 700g

4-Dimension Rocket Box (box of 4)

4-Dimenssion rockets from Brothers where named by our very own Harry Turver. Im sure we said 4th dimension though not 4-dimension. Anyway this is a pack of 4 seriously big rockets for the conniseur out there. The weights shown ae for a full box of 4 rockets.

Four Outstanding Performance Rockets.
1.Sauceror, bursts with a beautiful gold brocade with blue stars and white glitter
2.The King, burst with a huge golden palm.
3.Sky Thriller bursts with a gold brocade to red strobe tips. 
4.Special Ring, simply stunning, a gold crown with silver blink stars and red blink pistil bursting in a perfect ring.

3 Reviews
100% of reviewers said YES
5 September 2016

Four Excellent Rockets

These four rockets are something else. They produce very professional looking effects, with excellent hang time. Plus included in the pack is the mighty King rocket - which is often regarded as the best consumer rocket of all time!

5 September 2016

Superb pack of 4 Big Rockets.

In my view this is the best 4 Big Rocket selection pack available currently in the UK. 4 high quality bursts of very different types delivered with huge bangs make this pack a winner in my eyes.
The variety of fills offered have no weak elements.

24 October 2015


now this is what im talking about 4 big brilliant rockets all with an earth shattering bang and brilliant affects handy for me too as there available for mail Oder