4 King Marvellous (box of 4)

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Firework Attributes:

157cm × 21cm × 13cm
Weight 0.5kg
Explosive Weight 170g

4 King Marvellous (box of 4)

Long renowned as the greatest big rocket available on the consumer market, The King is worshipped by pyro fans far and wide. Manufactured by the reliable Brothers Pyrotechnics, these are available via both mail order and within our stores.

Due to the popularity of The King, we’ve now put together this bulk-buy package. Priced together at a superb price, it packs four whopping rockets into one, single box.

Once you have your order, we can assure you that you’ll get equal enjoyment firing these either at four different displays, or all within the same one.

The King is separated from competitive alternatives by the astounding willow burst that spreads across the sky as the rocket reaches the height of its climb. Delivering the ‘wow factor’ in abundance, the result is an effect that seems to hang longer than any other around.

If you do choose to fire more than once of these rockets together, you can be sure of the most incredible finale to a fireworks show. That magical moment as the twinkling sparks drift down to earth is all but guaranteed to bring the applause.

Weights shown are for each single rocket.

1 Review
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19 September 2014

simply awesome

King Rockets are one of the best rockets available and have been for many years.
to have 4 will be stunning and remembered by all. ENJOY