3x Black Lanterns

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3x Black Lanterns

Black Flying Lanterns (pack of 3)

Black flying lanterns with extremely easy to light and fast lift off wicks attached. These great Chinese lanterns are safe to use and an excellent addition to any birthday, wedding, party or even funeral. These are the quality large lanterns measuring appx 58cm across and 103cm Individually wrapped with full insrtuctions plus everything attached and ready to fly (unlike some cheap nasty lanterns) The lanterns are flame retardant and fully bio-degradable and use a safe solid fuel cell.

Open the lantern and fill with air. Light the fuel cell and wait until the sides of the lantern get warm and the lantern starts to pull upwards. Release the glow lantern and watch it soar to hundreds of feet. Once the fuel cell has expired after about 20 minutes of flying time, the lantern gently falls back down to earth. So peaceful and tranquil they really are impressive to watch and even more impressive when set off in large numbers. Also known by various names, glow lantern, magic lantern, sky lantern, Chinese lantern and its proper name Khoom Fay, Whatever you call it, this is one of the best products in recent years and should give your event/party an interesting yet unusual twist.

3 Reviews
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12 September 2016

Good lanterns

These are of the design I most favour. More environmentally friendly than older lantern designs and with a large envelope and my preferred fuel cell type.
They unfold fairly well. From lighting the fuel cell to launch is reasonably quick. Not the quickest but better than many other types on the market. They fly very well and have proven very reliable so far.
The black colour can make them cool for day use. When flying at night you see the orange flame only really as soon as they gain a reasonable distance and height as with most flying lanterns.

6 September 2016

Nice alternative to fireworks but be careful

I've used these at night when they are fun and at their best, but there are a few essential safety rules you should follow: -

a)Never fire these in windy or breezy conditions (as some people tend to do), they could fly haphazardly while burning and set fields or stacked bales of hay / straw alight especially in rural or country areas, you need totally still conditions to avoid this,

b)Always use a clear open space with no overhead trees, cables or other overhead hazards that could impede flight and / or cause problems.

c)Never let them off in built up areas or where there are tall buildings where they could hit or get stuck.

Follow those three precautions and they are safe as houses to use.

30 September 2014

Perfect for Daytime

Maybe not the best colour lantern to use at night, but they have been useful for setting some off in the day. Obviously thats not the best time to use a flying lantern, however the need does arise from time to time and these have been perfect for that.