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9 x Hercules Limited

3+ AvailableRRP: £1,169.91 £630.00

Available to purchase at:

Mail Order
Dinnington Store
Retford Store
South Elmsall Store
Ripley Store

Firework Attributes:

Cat 3
Weight 9kg
Explosive Weight 8910g

9 x Hercules Limited

Well what do you expect from us here at Galactic ?

We told Brothers we wanted to set off 9 at once and would they help by donating half and they very kindly said yes so we the next Saturday night we went to a field and we set off 9 at once as you will see in the video. 9 x £70 per cake = £630

Yes I admit it was a bit extreme and in truth setting off 3 at once is more than enough for a spectacular finale. We do sell a set of 3 of these at a discounted price CLICK HERE