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20 x 1 Metre E-Match

3+ AvailableRRP: £20.00 £17.80

Available to purchase at:

Mail Order
Dinnington Store
Retford Store
South Elmsall Store
Ripley Store

Firework Attributes:

Cat 1
Weight 200g
Explosive Weight 2g

20 x 1 Metre E-Match

20 x 1 Metre E-Match Ignitors £17.80 which equates to 89p each

You can buy a pack of 60 of these 1 metre matches for £47.40 (thats 79p each) by CLICKING HERE

Coming in at appx 91cm in length, they really are of the highest quality. Professional display companies even use them at events as large as the New Year’s Eve celebrations in London.

Please note that to actually use these ignitors, you’ll need an electrical firing kit to connect them to. At Galactic Fireworks, we continue to offer great choice on these with our remote firing systems.

Once you have both the ignitors and your firing kit, you can set up your firework display appropriately. Your kit will come with a transceiver and a receiver, the latter of which you’ll need to attach your ignitors to.

This can be easily done by stretching out the ignitor, removing the black cover from one end and then attaching it to the receiver. At the other end, you can then attach the firework in question by connecting its fuse to the sheath on the ignitor. This can be secured with tape for extra security.

Each hole of the receiver can handle up to around 4 fireworks as appropriate to the specifics of your display. For a full demonstration on how to attach multiple fireworks to a receiver – and to learn how to use your firing system – simply watch the demonstration video below.