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12 Cue Firing System

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12 Cue Firing System

Number of Cues - 12
Power - 12 x AA Batteries, 1 x A23 (Remote)
Range - 100 metres / 330 feet


This 12 cue semi/pro firing system is perfect for fireworks, pyrotechnics and rocketry. Using Talon or Consumer Match igniters you can use this system to fire CAT2 and CAT3 fireworks by connecting to the visco safety fuse.

This system comes with 3 x 4 cue receivers numbered up 1 to 12 a 12 button tranceiver and a dozen e-matches. The e-matches provided are not very long around 30cm. We do sell longer ones if you check out firing equipment section on our web site.

The 12 button remote control has an on/off switch to avoid any accidental firings. Each number on the remote fires the corresponding cue on the receivers from 1-12. You can however press buttons 6 & 8 at the same time to fire all 12 cues at once.

Using the PROGRAM function on this system allows you to sync your remote to several systems at once, meaning you can simultaneously fire several items. This is especially useful if you have two or more identical set ups around your firing site - When you press the desired number on the remote all systems linked with the study function will fire that cue, giving you a perfectly symmetrical display.

Comes complete with 13 batteries that we will install ready in the firing system before posting plus the 12 x small ignitors, I reccomend you buy some extra ignitors as a dozen will soon run out

2 Reviews
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29 August 2016

Next step

If you have had one of the small 4 cue systems then this is the next step to fully remote displays. Giving you 12 cues allows a world of possibilities with your firing order yet still leaves you with a simple and easy to setup firing system. Highly recommended if remote firing is for you

26 August 2016

Nice piece of kit

A great little system for anyone wanting to go into remote firing there fireworks
Simple to use and very safe