10 x Coloured Flying Lanterns - FREE DELIVERY

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10 x Coloured Flying Lanterns - FREE DELIVERY

Available in packs of ten, these Chinese coloured flying lanterns are perfect for adding something unusual to any occasion.

Sure to live long in the memory once launched, each Chinese lantern comes complete with a fuel cell which has to be attached prior to flight.


When ordered separately from any fireworks, these Chinese lanterns are eligible for free delivery in any quantity. This is possible as a result of these products being deliverable by post.

If any fireworks are added to your order, then standard delivery charges will apply. 

1 Review
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12 September 2016

Quick to Launch Lanterns

They are the older type of lantern so a little less environmentally friendly than later types. The tend to be on the small side as far as lanterns go. Nice range of colours and at a low price they are worth a go. They normally unfolded easily without damage.
These lanterns are sensitive to even light damage so this must be repaired carefully to ensure correct flight attitude or the lantern scrapped.
The fuel cell burns strongly and produces a lot of flame which allows the lanterns to be ready to launch much quicker than many lanterns. The strong burning and smallish lantern size means a level attitude in flight is essential to avoid the envelope burning through and the lantern falling to earth, (hence my notes in regards to damage).
They are fun though and provided they are undamaged and used properly they fly very well.