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Unbranded 1.3g to 1.4g Storage Cage

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The Pyropack requires two people to affect safe assembly. Some of the components are heavy and
may have sharp edges. Wear strong gloves when doing so (riggers gloves are ideal). Take extra care
when lowering components into place so as to avoid trapped fingers.

The only tool required for assembly is a 17mm ring-spanner. It is advisable to assemble close to the area it will be used. It can be man-handled over short distances otherwise the use of a pallet truck is recommended.

The unit must be used in the upright position. (It is hoped that future testing will allow it to be used
such that it is on its side and that the door opens much like on a fridge. Doing this would aid access
and prevent the need for raising the heavy door)

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the cage?

The main purpose is to mitigate the effects that fireworks would cause if there was a fire at your store. Larger fireworks that are classified as 1.3G pose a greater hazard than 1.4G ones, hence they have a Hazard Type (HT) designation of HT3; in this form it reduces the amount that you can safely store. In simple terms, fireworks that are HT3 can, when correctly stored in these cages, can be deemed to be HT4, and can be treated in exactly the same way as any other HT4 item.

How heavy is this cage?
The assembled cage weighs approximately 150kg. It is made from welded galvanised steel.

How big is the cage?
When assembled the cage measures 1000mm x 1200mm x 1200mm.

Is it on wheels?
No. When empty it is fairly easy to manhandle if basic safety precautions are taken.

What can I store in the cage?
You can only store fireworks that are at, or below, the criteria that was applied to the cage during testing. The criteria are determined by the Net Explosive Content (NEC) of a tube or rocket, the Flash Powder content of any tube or rocket and the internal diameter of any tube in a shot-tube/roman candle type of product. If ANY item within the cage exceeds the criteria then the whole contents will be treated as the most hazardous item in there and you may well be in breach of your storage licence; more importantly you will be putting yourselves in greater danger.

What are the limits?
Only items that have been identified by your supplier can be mitigated in the Pyropack and you must ensure ta maximum of 60Kgs NEC is adhered too (45Kgs Rockets)

Do I need to tell the Local Authorities that I will be stocking HT3 items in my store but in the cage?
It is always worth being clear with the Local authority inspectors, they are familiar with the limits on these cages and most will be able to give you good advice. Just to clarify, qualifying items are only HT4 when they are stored in the cage and within the stipulated NEC limits. When you apply for a Storage Licence it is in your interest to seek one that covers the maximum quantity and type that your store is capable of holding.

My Local Authority say I cannot use this cage as the items revert to HT3 when I take them out to make a sale, is this correct?
No, this issue has been resolved. Although they are technically correct it does not prevent you from making a sale. Your Risk Assessment should have a section covering how you conduct this process safely.

Do the items need to be kept inside their UN cartons whilst in the cage?
YES. Items must be stored within the Pyropack inside closed UN Cartons.

Am I limited to just one cage?
No, you can have as many as you want provided you do not exceed the terms of your Storage Licence and that individual Pyropack limits are not exceeded.

This is Bright Stars online brochure if you would like to read the full instructions that they provide.


Weight150 Kg
Dimensions1000 1200 1200 cm