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October 1st 2019

How to Choose The Perfect Rocket Firework

Choosing the right rockets for you can be a huge minefield. Not to worry, our expert pyrotechnicians have put together all you need to know to pick the ideal rockets for you and your display. 

What to Consider When You’re Buying a Rocket


If you’re a pyro fan who appreciates a loud bang, rockets are the perfect purchase for you. They’re arguably some of the loudest types of fireworks.

1.3G classified rockets are limited to a maximum explosive quantity of 180g and a 20% Flash Powder allowance. Whereas 1.4G rockets are limited to a maximum of 20g in total and 5% flash quantity, meaning you only get a maximum of 1g of Flash Powder.

For rockets with the largest bursts and bangs, go for 1.3G classified rockets.


For a back garden display, you’re unlikely to have anywhere near as much room as for a professional display. Make sure you have at least 25m between your rockets and your spectators… and a fall out area so the rockets don’t land in a neighbour’s garden! 

Some in the ‘garden fireworks’ category are specifically designed with a 5 or 8 metre safety distance, and are therefore suitable for smaller gardens. Make sure you read the safety instructions carefully and choose with your space in mind.

For a larger display, in a huge open area with no height restrictions, you’ve got endless options. 


Keeping your spectators on their toes is key to a fabulous firework displays. When you’re choosing your rockets, consider a variety of effects, colours, height, and volume, and choose a great mix.  

If you’re struggling for the best firing order, contact us and we’d be happy to help. 

Kids and pets

Looking to set off fireworks for a children’s party? Rockets might not be the best option here. There are some great alternatives though.

You could choose at day time fireworks; one of our customers said this about the Fiesta Flyer, ‘Now these cakes are bigger than they look, and having used them a few times, they bring something different to a daytime event like a kids birthday party etc! Kids love ‘em!”.

A daytime display is perfect for this occasion, and their striking colour and bombardment of multi-coloured parachutes wows everyone!

Or you could choose low-noise fireworks. Some kids aren’t a fan of the loud bangs, and low noise fireworks are much quieter. Here at Galactic, have lots of low noise fireworks with outstanding effects and without the addition of loud bangs.

These are also ideal if you have pets that become distressed by loud noises. Read more in our guide to ‘Keeping Pets Safe And Stress Free During Fireworks’.

Safety advice for firing rockets

Rockets are undoubtedly entertaining to watch but considering their explosive speed, it’s definitely worth being careful and following our safety guidelines. They’re only dangerous when directions aren’t followed or they’re misused. 

Always follow the label directions

It’s vital that first and foremost, you follow the guidelines on your rocket’s instructions, above all other advice (including this). Our information is simply to enhance this, so always follow the directions on the label as your gospel safety instructions. 

No kids allowed

The UK law states that under 18 year olds are not permitted to buy fireworks, or possess them in a public place. 

Choose the ideal area

Ensure there are no overhead obstructions in the way of your display area. There should also be a safe, open space for the rockets to land safely. 

Rockets should be fired from the back of the display, so they don’t go over the heads of spectators.

Take a look at our guide to the fireworks area here:

Take care setting up

Ensure you push the launch tube far enough into the ground so that it is completely secure. This can be placed at a slight angle (as long as it’s still stable) in order to aim away from your spectators. Light at arm's length, make sure you never lean over the rockets and always fire them from the tube or rack.

Wear appropriate clothing

As someone lighting the fireworks, you should wear protective clothing such as a hat, goggles and also ear protection. Only wear something non-flammable such as a cotton overall - avoid thin nylon. 

Don’t smoke

This is a pretty simple one - don’t smoke while you’re handing fireworks. 

Avoid a run-in with the law

This last one is to keep you safe from the police. 

To abide by firework laws, don’t set fireworks off between 11pm and 7am, except for on these occasions:

  • Bonfire Night - 12am cut off.
  • New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year - 1am cut off. 

Find out more on ‘Fireworks: the law’ here

How to get the most bang for your buck

You’ve set a budget for your event, so how do you get the best firework display for your cash?

We’ve put together 3 different overall budget scenarios, with some recommended rockets to fit within each, and ensure your evening goes off with a bang. 

We’ve left some budget room in each for other fireworks - perhaps you’ll want to add in an array of cakes too?

*Prices correct as of 1/10/19, subject to change and availability. 

£150 Overall 'Bang Budget'


This secret weapon of a pack is a force to be reckoned with. Give your guests an awe-inspiring first impression with the high performance Quantum Break Rockets. 

These 18 rockets launch with so much energy, they’ll soar to amazing heights and give a spectacular variety of colourful effects.

Beginning with a huge whoosh upon ascension, these crackling stars will burst into green, white and gold glitter, and your display is off to a great start.

With a combined explosive weight of 888g, this box is an absolute steal at just £59.98. 

MONSTER ROCKET BOX 2019 - £39.99

This Monster Rocket Box sends a plethora of 34 whooshing rockets to ascend into the night sky. Their effects are truly beautiful, you can’t appreciate how incredible they are until you see them for yourself.

These high-performance rockets add pyro-wonder to the middle of your display and are affordable - costing you less than £1.20 per rocket.

£500 'Bang Budget'


The infamous Gold Brocades are a firm favourite of pyro fans at Galactic Fireworks. These 12 Super Novas are fantastic quality, packing a punch worthy of impressing any guest. 

The mighty Brocade rockets shoot a gorgeous, golden willow into the night sky. These spectacular monsters are explosive in power, weighing a whopping 1960g.


The 4-Dimension Rocket Box is a pack of outstanding quality - a must-have for anyone looking to celebrate in style with true pyro magic. 

Truly unrivalled in quality, the box includes:

Sauceror: a beautiful gold brocade with blue stars and white glitter

The King: bursts with a mammoth golden palm

Sky Thriller: erupts with a golden brocade to red strobe tips

Special Ring: a gold crown with silver blink stars and red blink pistil that bursts into a perfect ring

With a combined explosive weight of 700g, this is guaranteed to bring the drama and bright colour to any party!


A true pyro wonder from Fireworks International, the Ultimate F/X Rocket is one of our most popular rockets. 

With a combined explosive weight of 602g, the Ultimate F/X rockets fire beautiful golden horse tails into the night sky, providing outstanding entertainment. You’ll be delighted by its gorgeous, colourful effects.

£1,500 'Bang Budget'


There truly is nothing else like this in the UK. This is definitely pyro extreme…and not for the faint hearted.

The Ultimate Rocket Volley provides a buzz that you can’t beat - 4000 shots of War Hawk fire into the night sky giving a wow factor that money actually can buy. 


Perfect for a grand finale, 40 rockets of pure, explosive delight. The War Hawks are rockets like no other, sending shivers down your spine with excitement as you watch their huge, colourful palm bursts in the air.  

Truly unrivalled in value for money, the War Hawks are on par with effects you would get at some of the larger grand displays. There are plenty that cost more and can’t match the War Hawks. 

These sky filling bursts are remarkable in a rockets of this price. You’ll see these beautiful effects:

  • Brocade to purple
  • Brocade to green
  • Golden willow to red
  • Golden willow to blue
  • Golden willow to Ti-Chrysanthemum.

Some Galactic Fireworks customers said they were ‘speechless’ and ‘best pound for pound rocket’.

The Rocket Popularity Contest

If you need even more inspiration for what rockets to choose, here’s a run down of some of our customers’ favourite rockets:


Coming in at number 1 is our 4-Dimension Rocket Box from Brothers Pyrotechnics. With a combined explosive weight of 700g, this collection of outstanding, high-performance rockets adds truly mesmerising effects to any display. 

Firework Attributes:

  • Dimensions: 155cm × 19cm × 10cm
  • Cat: 3
  • Weight: 2.8kg
  • Explosive Weight: 700g
  • Price: £89.99

Review: David from Scotland: “In my view this is the best 4 Big Rocket selection pack available currently in the UK. 4 high quality bursts of very different types delivered with huge bangs make this pack a winner in my eyes.”


Runner-up in the rocket popularity stakes is the Trail Blazer. At just £3.13 per rocket, our fantastic discounts mean you’ll save around £15 per box - arguably one of the best boxes for value for money. These 8 rockets pack such a punch and soar to amazing heights.

Firework Attributes:

  • Weight: 1.6kg
  • Explosive Weight: 320g
  • Price: £24.99

Review: Ron from Essex: “When I realised I could get quality rockets like these delivered direct to my door and didn't have to break the bank, I was instantly trying them. After firing, I couldn't be more happy - better than expected, noisy with varied effects. Highly recommended!”


The Ultimate Rocket Volley - 400 War Hawks comes in at 3rd place. This volley provides the most incredible wow factor. Usually, the cost of these 400 War Hawks would total £3,200. However, with Galactic Fireworks you’ll get the 400 punch packing along and we’ll also travel to you anywhere in Britain and set the whole thing up - all for just £1,200. 

Firework Attributes:

  • Shots: 400
  • Set up and firing: Included
  • Price: £1,200

Review: A Galactic customer said: “Out of this world… it was ridiculous, immense, amazing, unreal - it was pure pyro madness. It was the ultimate of all ultimates. My ears still ringing 18 hours on!”


The Air Force Rocket Box is a firm favourite with Galactic Fireworks customers, not only does each rocket explode with incredible dynamic impact, but the box works out at just £3.34 per rocket. 

You’ll get 15 high-performance rockets, adding a touch of true pyro wonder to any display.

Firework attributes:

  • Dimensions: 100cm x 24cm x 10cm
  • Weight: 2.8kg
  • Explosive Weight: 585g

Review: Liam from London gave 5 stars to the Air Force Rocket, and said: “These rockets are high performance ones, you won’t be able to buy tickets like this from your local supermarket.”


The War Hawks (20 rockets) are another hugely popular rocket. Most likely down to their remarkable sky filling effects, yet they only work out at £4 per rocket. Their beautiful huge palm bursts with coloured tips are the sort of effects you normally only get with larger display rockets, but the War Hawks are much more affordable. We’ve seen plenty that cost over £10 a rocket and can’t match the War Hawks’ brilliance.

Firework Attributes

  • Weight: 4kg
  • Explosive weight: 1200g

Review: Joe from South Yorkshire said: "These are the best value rocket, hands down. Huge, stunning effects. It's a no-brainer, buy multiple packs!"

Get Firing!

Now you know what you can get for your budget, what to think about before you purchase a rocket, what everyone else’s faves are and how to safely set off your rockets… it’s time to get organising your display.

If you have any questions at all, give us a call on 01709 769 184 or find more contact info here