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Catherine Wheels Fireworks

An old favourite, catherine wheels have been synonymous with back garden firework displays for centuries. Attach one of these to a fence post or something similar and stage back in amazement as it spins around showering the air with a variety of colours creating mesmerising effects.

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What Are Catherine Wheels?

Catherine Wheels or Firework Wheels are a type of set-piece firework. These are made with gerbs or motors that provide the thrust to spin. All Catherine Wheels require attaching to an upright post by means of a pin or nail. When it is lit, it will spin rapidly to produce a display of coloured sparks and flames.

Consumer Catherine Wheels can vary in size from small pins wheels at only a few centimetres diameter to large wheels reaching 40cm wide.

When To Use Catherine Wheels?

Catherine Wheels are best suited to family garden displays. Most are category F2 fireworks which mean they are suitable for smaller gardens. Generally, they are low noise too meaning they are perfect in build-up areas or when there is livestock nearby.

Firework Safety

At Galactic Fireworks safety is at the forefront of everything that we do, fireworks must be used responsibly to minimise the risk of any accidents to yourself or to others. We want to make sure that everyone has a wonderful time watching fireworks and safety protocols are adhered to.


At Galactic Fireworks, we offer a selection of high-quality Catherine Wheels from leading fireworks brands such as Bright Star Fireworks. We also supply a selection of Cracker Rolls, subject to availability.

A classic of the garden fireworks display itinerary, Catherine Wheels provide nostalgic entertainment for viewers of all ages. If you’re looking to add a touch of intrigue to your display without investing too much, they’re always a great option. Buy Our Catherine Wheels Online!

Catherine Wheels are a traditional element of most firework displays. When ignited, the wheel will begin to quickly spin, with sparks and flames being created simultaneously. It is a spectacular sight. 

Though the first record of this firework is 1761, there is a gruesome legend that dates back to the 4thCentury. According to this, it is named after Saint Catherine of Alexandria, who was sentenced to death by a form of torture called ‘breaking the wheel.’ However, when she touched the wheel, it fell to pieces, just like magic.

Malta holds the Guinness World record for the largest Catherine Wheel. In fact, in Malta, the wheels are an important part of the traditional village fiestas, where some even hold competitions to make this firework. As technology continues to progress, the more vibrant the Catherine Wheels are each year!