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Frequently Asked Questions

For detailed information on everything related to delivery, please see our delivery page here

U.K. law states that no persons younger than the age of 18 can purchase fireworks, however when buying fireworks from one of our retail shops we tolerate a strict challenge 25 policy where we will ask for I.D. if we feel you look younger than this. Please do not take offence to our staff if they do ask you for I.D. this is simply to ensure we are abiding by the U.K. laws.

In the very unlikely occasion you find any of our fireworks cheaper elsewhere then we will be more than happy to beat that price, here at Galactic we promise to not only sell the best fireworks but ensure the best prices, service and delivery too.

Of course this may sound light a daft question however there are many ways you can actually ignite your fireworks and certain ways make life much easier, our most recommended product is a Portfire, which has a constant, strong burning flame at the tip lasting around 3 minutes each, they really do make lighting fireworks much easier and we believe they are a necessity when lighting fireworks. Another product we strongly recommend is the Rothenburger Sure Fire II. This really is a level up and only really is recommended if you are a pyromaniac who plans on doing many displays.

You are allowed to set off fireworks any day of the week from 7am -11pm however this is extended on the following dates –

Until midnight on bonfire night (5th November)

Until 1am on Chinese New Year & Diwali

Until 1am on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Please do remember to always be considerate to those around you when firing fireworks, inform your neighbours if possible, bear in mind the elderly, children and animals and keep well within the allotted legal time brackets.

Absolutely, if you wish to visit one of our shops then this is more than welcome, our friendly staff are more than happy to offer you help and advice. You can both pre-order online and select a shop to collect from at checkout or simply pop in and choose your pyro in store. View Our Shops page to see our locations.

In this very unlikely case we advise you to leave the particular firework where it is and do not return to it for at least 24 hours, after doing so take some pictures of the misfire for our reference and then totally submerge in water for a further 24 hours before placing in your normal black bin.

Please do then use our contact us page and get in touch, we will be happy to take a look at the pictures before passing it on to the manufacturer and getting you a full refund.

Your fireworks will come securely packaged in boxes, please do check through your order and take a look at your amazing pyro however we recommend putting them back in the boxes and storing them in a safe and dry place such as a garage away from any damp.

Securing your pyro really is essential and the best way to do so is via the staking method, simply knock wooden stakes into the ground with a mallet and then Gaffa tape your fireworks to them. If you cannot do this or don’t have stakes etc. then you can also place a couple of bricks on either sides of your firework to prevent them toppling over. If you wish to purchase stakes and tape please see our Firework Accessories

We like to think that fireworks are like a good meal and making sure you are prepped correctly makes it so much better and easier. We recommend that on the day of firing you have a look at your fireworks, remove them from there boxes and lay them out, you should then work out what order you will be firing them in. Once this is decided we suggest you give yourself adequate time (depending on the amount of fireworks you have) to lay them out and secure them properly prior to firing.

We are now going to lay the fireworks out, and we like to do this in a snake formation E.G. if you have 15 fireworks create three rows of 5 starting from left to right 1-5 and then come backwards on yourself (see diagram below), this ensures you are always working away from the previous firework ensuring firing as safely as possible. You can watch a video demo here. (please note this is an old pack it is simply to give you an idea)




The longer or shorter you make a display differentiates how extravagant it will be, for example a £300 display lasting 5 minutes is going to be more impressive than a 30 minute display with the same value, this is of course because bigger more rapid and sky filling fireworks are being fired in a shorter period of time, we at Galactic recommend a bonfire night display lasting around 12-15 minutes (without gaps), this way you have both an impressive display and also a great duration. 

Although rain will not affect the performance of the firework once lit, it is essential that you keep your fireworks dry before ignition, if you do not need to lay all fireworks out beforehand then keep your fireworks indoors and set them off one by one getting a new firework each time.

 If however you are firing a professional display and wish to lay your fireworks out beforehand then leave it as late as possible to do so. In this case we always recommend you will need to waterproof them, you can do this by both placing in plastic bags and removing before lighting or our favourite and easiest method is to cling film each firework, you can then leave them in this film when placed outside. When it comes to firing simply light the fuse through the film or tear a hole an expose it, this is the best way to waterproof your pyro however give yourself adequate time to do this. You can watch a video demo of this process here.

All that is left from used fireworks will be the cardboard tubes and outer shell, you can either dispose of this in your normal black bins or alternatively burn them outdoors.

No problem! Galactic Fireworks offers a Bulk Buy option and we sell many items in case quantities for someone looking at buying a certain product in multiples or a case quantity. 

We can provide retailers with wholesale fireworks if they wish to resell our products however we do require you to apply using our online form, here you will need to provide your storage license along with business information, we will then process your application and get in touch. Click here to apply