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Firework Display Hire


Do I need to have special insurance?

Galactic Fireworks provide all the necessary insurance. As a company we carry £10 million of product and public liability insurance, which covers you for any firework related incidents.


Does the size of the venue matter?

Yes, size matters. The area of which the display is to be conducted will have to be assessed by ourselves. Our selection of fireworks is enormous and depending on the venue size, we will advise what we believe to be most suited to the venue. All of our displays are subject to a Risk Assessment right up to the time we fire.


Can the display be set off at midnight?

Only on November 5th, Diwali, New Years Eve and Chinese New Year. Displays booked on any other date throughout the year must finish by 11pm due to strict legislation.


It is an offence to use fireworks between 11 pm and 7 am. Apart from: November 5th - until 12 midnight New Years Eve - until 1 am Chinese New Year - until 1 am Diwali Night - until 1 am


What happens if it rains?

We get wet... you just enjoy the display! Our fireworks are designed to be lit in the rain, so the likelihood of rain will not compromise your display. Stong winds however can cause a cancelation.


What can I expect from having Galactic Fireworks for my display?

We seek to amaze and enthrall our audiences. To make the world a slightly brighter place. To create something that will linger on in peoples minds long after the sky has gone dark... To this end we have passion in all we do.

How much does a display cost ?

We simply charge a fixed £300 - £600 to do a professional display, this will cover the insurance, site survey, set up and clear up of your display and the wages of a professional firer for the day. The £300 - £600 however does not include the fireworks, what you spend on the fireworks is entirely up to you ? I cannot stress enough you get what you pay for. We can do a display where there is a minimum of £500 worth of fireworks included right up to displays costing many thousands.

For instance a basic wedding display lasting around 8 minutes will be £300 for ourselves (including insurance etc) £900 for the fireworks meaning £1,200 in total.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of our professional firework display hire then please don't hesitate to contact Nigel on 07 900 300 700

* Please note we only travel a maximum of 50 miles from S25 3PF, further travel will incur a cost of £1 per mile over the 50 mile limit.

We do also larger displays like the one you can watch in the video below, this particular display was £5,000 plus VAT but you can see how spectacular you can go too.