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4x Ice Fountain Candle

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N.E.C. 5 g
Size (cm) 15x2x2
Category F1
Classification 1.4G
Weight 0.02 kg
N.E.C. 5 g
Size (cm) 15x2x2
Category F1

Ice fountains are small fountains designed and regulated specifically for indoor use; these can be clipped or attached to the side of champagne or spirit bottles or placed on birthday cakes to create a stunning visual effect.

Our ice fountains are premium quality and have a burn time of approximately 70 seconds; they give off no debris, making them as safe as possible. We are seeing huge demand for ice fountains amongst clubs and bars nationwide. Ice fountains look stunning and are a fantastic way to promote bottle sales; they add class and extravagance to any purchase when carrying the bottle to the customer's table. The client will feel extra special, but it will also promote other clubbers and clients to buy bottles of champagne & spirits, this will lead to the reservation of tables and again an increase in overall sales.

As for restaurants, ice fountains are a great tool to give diners something special during their meals; whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or general celebration, ice fountains can be used to make it a memorable occasion.

Our ice fountains come equipped with a plastic spike, allowing you to easily place them on top of a cake or dessert and last over a minute!