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Stealth Rising

RRP £89.99 |
Save £30.00 (33%)
Shots 30
Duration 35 Secs
Weight 4.8 kg
N.E.C. 718 g
Dimensions 37x23x24
Classification 1.3G
Case Qty 4
Category F3

In Stock - We have 500 remaining


Have you ever seen anything quite like this before? It's basically a professional quality cake that fires a double prong of stunning golden plumes, both to the left and to the right. They then produce a dazzling strobing star through the centre, splitting these in two and then bursting into a wonderful golden plume.

On a slightly geekier note, the pyro powder to weight ratio in Stealth Rising is crazy. The physical cake weighs only 4.6Kgs but it has a huge payload of 717 grams. I can assure you, that means that this cake outperforms its size!