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Shots 25
Duration 35 Secs
Weight 2.2 kg
N.E.C. 345 g
Dimensions 15x15x17
Classification 1.4G
Case Qty 12
Category F2

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Watch as Merlin unleashes his magic with stunning results.

25 shots fly high in the night sky with a beautiful golden plume mine effect underneath. Blue stars, time rain peonies with vivid rising blue tails and brocade mine. The video just doesn't catch the blues very well but trust me the colours in this firework are just on a different level.

We have quite a range of fireworks from Viper, and I really need to say that these fireworks are built to be the very best. They really are at a different level; every tube is packed with the best pyro powder money can buy. Hand on heart I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.