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Bulk Buy Novelty Fireworks

Bulk Buy Novelty Fireworks are a little bit different.

Novelty fireworks are more and more popular year after year. They add something a little bit different to your firework display. They allow the whole family to gather around on bonfire night and enjoy a throwback to other fireworks of the past, such as cracker rolls and jumping jacks.

Firework shops across the country have been adding these crazy little items to their ranges of fireworks. At Galactic, we stock the finest high-quality spinners, crackling balls, Bengal matches and other crazy high and low-noise fireworks.

You’re also buying in bulk, so you’re getting cheap fireworks. Look at the discounts on offer; on certain products, you’re getting more than 50% off, meaning that they are better than buy one get one free, just incredible special offers! These are both wholesale fireworks and quality fireworks.

If you're a firework shop with your own fireworks for sale, I cannot stress enough how popular these have been amongst our customers. At these prices, you can buy wholesale and buy fireworks online but have them delivered straight to your door.

20x Bengal Matches (49p per pack) -Misc