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Bulk Buy Candles

Bulk Buy Roman Candles, quality and cheap fireworks.

Traditional Roman Candles have lit up the UK's skies for centuries, usually they are incredible low-noise fireworks that are gorgeous additions to any firework display. They can fire both single and multiple shots from a single tube and come in a variety of effects and colours.

When you bulk buy candles you're getting high quality fireworks at crazy prices. As I say you're getting incredible roman candle fireworks, favourites of kids of all ages to light up your bonfire night. There are huge savings to be made when shopping in bulk.

Our bulk buy fireworks for sale are incredible special offers, and I assure you that there's no cheaper way to buy fireworks online. The prices that we offer on our bulk buys, to normal consumers, are pretty much the same as you would find on wholesale candles to be supplied to firework shops.

If you would like to be able to browse our wholesale range of fireworks then please fill out the wholesale account application above and attach your storage licence, we would be happy to upgrade your account to a wholesale level.

6x Komodo's Fire (£4.99 per pack) -Cube Fireworks