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    More About Our Sparklers

    Sparklers remain a firm family favourite and a great source of entertainment for children and adults alike at any firework display. At Galactic, we offer an outstanding range of sparklers for sale in varying bulk-buy quantities, colours and sizes.

    With sparklers available for back garden firework displays and large displays alike, you can select the ideal amount for you. Browse Our Full Range of Sparklers For Sale Online Below! 

    When handling sparklers, it’s vital to do so with care. Sparklers cause more accidents than any other firework-related products, so safety needs to be paramount.

    Sparklers date all the way back to AD 670 where the first one was invented by Callinicos, a resident of Heliopolis in Ancient Egypt. It was called ‘cheirosiphon’ and is said to have looked like a smaller version of the roman candle.

    While originally intended as a weapon, the since adapted ‘Greek Fire’ has become the perfect way to mark festive occasions. In the UK, sparklers are a popular addition to Guy Fawkes Night on the fifth of November. It is common across the globe too; Independence Day in the US, Chinese New Year and Diawli are all celebrated with sparklers!

    There are three main components to sparklers – metal fuel, oxidiser and a binder which is what gives the all-important colourful glow. Red sparklers use strontium nitrate while green sparklers require potassium chlorate. 

    We have a selection of sparklers available for purchase - so, if you’re looking for different colours, sizes or quantities, we have the sparklers to suit any display!

    For more cool information on fireworks like this, head on over to our Knowledge Centre.