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Firework Rockets

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    More About Our Firework Rockets

    We offer a comprehensive selection of firework rockets here at Galactic Fireworks. Our stock includes everything from small rockets designed for home displays, right through to large packs suitable for professional events. Available in varying quantities and for highly-competitive prices, our rockets continue to meet the varying needs of our clients.

    Within this range, we offer rockets from leading industry brands, with the quality on offer on entirely different scale than your typical supermarket-standard rockets. No matter whether you want a sky-filling finale, or a selection of rockets to place throughout your running order, you’ll find everything you need with us. Browse our full range of firework rockets below.

    When you’re choosing which rockets for your display, always choose quality over quantity. 10-15 top quality rockets wow a crowd more than 30 average rockets that leave everyone a bit underwhelmed. Rockets fill the night sky with spectacular effects, they’re ideal for interspersing between cakes and candles. 

    Rockets can often be the highlight and centre of a fireworks display, producing the largest single burst of all the fireworks available on the market. Developed in the second-century BCE by the Chinese, rocket fireworks have a rich history. Traditionally, fireworks were used for religious reasons but were then adapted for use in the military, becoming ‘flaming arrows’. Later, gunpowder was introduced as a new major component of tickets, creating explosions like we see today. 

    Rockets are popular due to their spectacular, mesmerising effects. Here are some of the beautiful rocket visuals that will fill the sky.