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Firework Mines

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    More About Our Firework Mines

    Our superb selection of firework mines are some of the most unique fireworks available to buy. Typically beginning with a deceptively-pretty fountain, they then erupt with a rapid-fire collection of loud reports into the sky.

    The false sense of security associated with firework mines makes them hugely entertaining; luring your audience into a sense of calm before jolting them with bangs galore!

    You can view our full selection of firework mines below. These range from small-yet-impressive products below £10 to juggernauts over £50. Buy Online Now!

    Mines are often used as the starting point for displays. This is because of the anticipation they are renowned for building. From the transition from a small fountain to an eruption of sound and colour, this firework is bound to wow your audience.

    This firework provides you with a lot of impact, packed in a single card tube. Often an affordable product, the mine is a must-have in your firework display, especially if you are working with a budget.

    At Galactic Fireworks, we stock a selection of fireworks from a variety of manufacturers including Brothers Pyrotechnics, Primed Pyrotechnics, Hallmark Fireworks and more.