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Low Noise Fireworks

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    The Benefits of Low-Noise Fireworks

    These low noise fireworks are perfect for consumers keen to keep the noise of their display to a minimum. Designed to offer outstanding effects without the addition of loud bangs, these cakes always prove popular with people looking to put on a small garden display.

    There are plenty of reasons for not wanting to have loud fireworks – pets may be afraid of the sound; young and elderly relatives may be in attendance or maybe you just don’t like them. Luckily, low noise fireworks are produced in a range of high-quality styles, colours and sizes!

    Removing the sound allows a focus on the visuals and effects of the fireworks, so you will be able to see some unique colours when purchasing from our low noise range.

    Some fireworks have had all the sound completely removed, while others may have a low-level crackle to add to the effects. The choice is up to you, but you can be assured that Galactic Fireworks have sourced the best lines of low-noise fireworks.